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Nine Solstice Gifts for You, By WSFS Alumna Tess Whitehurst

December 22nd, 2011 · No Comments

Happy Solstice! I feel so much love and gratitude for all the amazing blessings in my life, including YOU. Today, it is my intention to pass along nine divinely designed Solstice gifts to you, all of which will help pave the way to a beautiful and harmonious 2012.

Obviously, these gifts are from the God/dess/Universe – I am only providing some keys to receiving them. Not to mention, they are already yours! Still, in this lifetime we have the opportunity to spiral ever-closer to the center of them, which the exercises below will allow you to do.

Please re-gift by sharing with anyone you think may enjoy them. Since they come from an Infinite Source, they will never run out. Besides, what we send out comes back to us multiplied – so, literally, the more the merrier!

(At any time, please feel free to repeat any of these activating exercises to refresh its associated gift.)

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The Gift of Serenity

To activate this gift, drink at least 8 ounces of pure water. Then, ideally in a serene natural setting (but really anywhere where you won’t be disturbed will do), sit comfortably, with your spine straight, close your eyes, and place your left hand over your heart, and your right hand over it. Begin to simply notice your breath as it goes in and out. When your breath naturally begins to deepen and slow down, on the inhale, think: “I breathe in serenity.” On the exhale, think: “I breathe out everything else.” Repeat at least two more times, and then continue for as long as feels right to you.

Additional benefits of this gift: clarity, stillness, energy, self-love

The Gift of Authenticity

This gift is about being in alignment with your most ideal life path. To activate this gift, draw a bath and dissolve one cup of sea salt in it. Light a white or off-white candle and perhaps a stick of incense. Hold your hands over the water and say: “This water, like the sea from which the salt within it came, represents the ocean’s darkest depths. I call on the spirit of the ocean deep to infuse this water with joyful flow and fearless authenticity.” Get into the water and relax deeply. When you feel ready, with your eyes, closed, think: “I follow my bliss. I know my bliss. I live my bliss. I am my bliss.”

Additional benefits of this gift: joy, harmony, inspiration, enthusiasm, flow

The Gift of Synchronicity

Each life has its own unique rhythm and flow. And, when we are in alignment with that flow, everything just seems to work. More often than not, we “just happen” to be in the right place at the right time, and both seen and unseen worlds seem to be conspiring to help us with even the tiniest things – and this is synchronicity. To activate this gift, put on instrumental or chanting music that relaxes you, uplifts you, and helps your energy flow. Stand comfortably with your spine straight. Relax and take some deep breaths. Hold your arms out as if you are about to hug someone. Turn in a counterclockwise direction three times, each time saying, “I now clear the decks for divine support and harmonious flow.” Then stop for a minute and take a centering breath or two. When you feel ready, spin in a clockwise direction three times, each time saying, “I am perfectly supported by the Universe!”

Additional benefits of this gift: harmonious travel, abundant parking spaces, miracles, helpful people, luck

The Gift of Creativity

We are a species characterized by creativity. There is no one through which divine creative energy does not want to flow. And when it flows, we feel joyful and relaxed, comfortable in our own skin, and able to transmute our challenges into blessings and our struggles into beauty. This nourishes our health, along with every other aspect of our life. To activate this gift, hang a prismatic crystal (like this one or these ones) in a sunny window so that it splashes rainbows throughout the room. (If you don’t have a sunny window, simply stand in the sunlight with the crystal.) As you gaze at the dancing rainbows, say, “Divine light shines through me in a way that it shines through no one else on earth. I reflect rainbows! I dance with the Infinite!”

Additional benefits of this gift: healing childhood issues, healthy relationship with children, playfulness, uniqueness, fun, laughter

The Gift of Romance

Whether we are in a partnership or not (or whether or not we desire to be), romance and sensuality are essential nutrients for the well-rounded happiness of human beings. To activate the gift of romance in your life, in the morning, on a Friday during a waxing moon, obtain one pink rose and one red rose. Change the sheets on your bed, make your bed, and then strew all the petals from both roses across the top of your mattress. Leave them there until before you go to sleep. Then, collect them and place them at the base of a tree (or in a flower bed or compost bin if you’re in a city).

Additional benefits of this gift: friendship, relaxation, inner and outer beauty, attractiveness, peaceful sleep

The Gift of Radiance

Your essence naturally shines brightly like the sun – why hide it? Instead, allow your beautiful, nourishing light to radiate forth, sharing warmth, healing, and sustenance with the world. To activate this gift, stand outside, in bright sunlight while the moon is waxing and in a fire sign (Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius). Place your hands over your heart as you become aware of the blinding brightness of the sun. Close your eyes and acknowledge/visualize that your heart light is even brighter than the sun. Open your arms outward like you’re about to hug someone and see this light expanding from your heart and filling your entire body and aura. Say, “I shine like the sun. I am known. I am seen. I am loved.”

Additional benefits of this gift: positive attention, respect, fame, success, charisma

The Gift of Abundance

To activate the gift of abundance, as soon as you awake on the morning of a new moon, get out of bed, lift and open your arms as if you are about to receive blessings from the heavens. Lift your face and visualize golden coins and sparkly golden light coming down from the sky and completely surrounding your entire body and energy field. Say, “I happily receive wealth and abundance.” Then, bring this energy deeply into your being by then placing both hands on your heart. As you feel this abundant light pulsating within you, say, “I am wealthy and prosperous beyond my fondest dreams.”

Additional benefits of this gift: luxury, financial windfalls, unexpected blessings, gratitude, present moment awareness

The Gift of Resilience

Weathering the storms of life builds character, seasons our life experience, and invariably brings us back to the things that matter most: family, friends, and feeling connected to Mother Earth and all her many inhabitants. The gift of resilience helps us to send our roots deep so that the buffeting winds only make us stronger. To activate this gift, stand so that your spine is aligned with the trunk of a flourishing, vibrant tree (it’s OK if it’s in it’s most wintry, leafless state as long as you know it’s healthy). Feel your feet on the earth and energetically send your roots deep into the earth, like the tree’s. Then visualize/feel yourself growing upward from the top of your head with the tree. When you feel that you are sufficiently merged with its energy, say: “My roots go deep and my branches reach high. I am vital, I am strong, I endure.”

Additional benefits of this gift: health, longevity, giving and receiving support from others, healing longstanding family and past life issues, keeping calm/carrying on

The Gift of Balance

Once you have activated all the other eight gifts, weaving them together in a balanced, harmonious way will infuse you with a feeling of profound wellness and bliss. To activate the gift of balance, when the moon is in Libra, sit comfortably, with your spine straight. Relax, close your eyes, and take some deep, cleansing breaths. When you feel ready, visualize a sphere of glowing white light encompassing your entire body. Give yourself a gentle hug and declare: “I am serene and authentic. I experience synchronicity. I express myself creatively. Romance and radiance, and abundance are mine. I am resilient. I am balanced. I am free. All is well in my world. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Blessed be. And so it is.”

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